Emily’s secret

So, this is erotica as a homework provided by Daddy. Homework was to write a story with a plot, 600+ words, and I would be graded based on how hard I would make Daddy cum. All I know is that I practically made a puddle under my desk and that we both share the same fantasies.. Here goes nothing!

Once upon a time, there was a seventeen year-old girl name Emily. Emily was like all teenage girl; she went to school, she worked part-time as a babysitter, and she lived at home. Although, unlike most teen girls, Emily had lost her mother at a young age and lived by herself with her father with his occasional girlfriends.


As Emily was walking home from school, blond locks blowing in her face and her uniform skirt threatening to lift up and to expose her stockings, she decides to stop at the corner store to grab a frozen treat. Skirting the aisles on her way to the cash register, she sees something she’s had on her mind ever since she started babysitting the little Grace next door: diapers. Eyeing the store for acquaintances or friends, Emily grabs the pack and hurries to the front to give up all of the last few weeks’ savings.


Once back home, alone in her room, Emily takes out the pack of diapers and pulls her stockings down. She takes out a hidden pacifier previously stolen from Grace and pops it in her mouth and starts to gently suck on it. Emily opens a diaper and lays it across her bed, perfectly positioned and ready to be taped to her body. Once the diaper is secured on her, Emily walks to her mirror and hikes her skirt to admire the sagging nappy between her legs. Her hand, sliding to her crotch, starts to feel the warmth invading her diaper, making it puffy and heavy. Feeling the trickle on her sensitive clitoris, Emily starts to rub the outer exterior of her diaper until she starts to feel her knees go weak. Feeling the urgency and the hunger in her lower belly, she quickly waddles to her bed and slips her naughty hand inside her wet diaper. Sucking the pacifier as hard as she is rubbing herself, Emily can no longer repress her little sighs and moans of pleasure and lets them escape from her wet lips. Before she even has a chance of reaching pure bliss, an astounded daddy who hardly believes what he is seeing interrupts Emily. Caught in action, Emily freezes, blushes scarlet red, and gently pulls out her hand as she plops out the pacifier that was in her mouth. Embarrassed, Emily starts to cry and begs her father to leave the room and to forget about what he had just seen. Ignoring his daughter’s request, he advances towards her bed and sits on the opposite side, taking his jacket off and loosening is tie. When his daughter has calmed down, he grabs her back and her knees and wraps her in his arms and cradles her the way he used to when she was a baby. Ignoring the fact that she is still wearing a diaper, he gently rocks his daughter back and forth and plops back in her mouth the pacifier. Without a fuss from her, he continues on and adds: “Sweetheart, it’s okay to feel this way. If this is something you need, Daddy will be delighted to provide you with these necessities; diapers, pacifiers, bottles. Do you understand?” Emily was shocked by the willingness of her father to such things. So, she looked at him and she shook her head in a positive response. “But, honey, daddy needs something from you”, her father continued. Emily felt a hand on her breasts very close to the buttons on her blouse. She knew what her father wanted; it had been a very long time since he hadn’t played with her like that. “Such a good girl you are,” her father said. “This will be our little secret: you get to play with your diapers and daddy gets to play with you whenever he wants, okay? Come here, sweetie.” As he finished to open her blouse, he unlatched her white bra to free her perky little tits. Emily was only wearing her diaper and her skirt and her father couldn’t wait to start to use her.

To be continued.

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