Second part to Emily’s story.

As Emily’s father finished unclasping the last latch on her bra, she felt his hands brush over her small breasts, hardening their tiny pink nipples into enormous peaks. Her father was quite pleased to see his daughter this way. In a swift motion, Emily found herself locked into place right under her father, his hands firmly holding her tits and his body crushing her legs. With his thumbs, he starts to rapidly flicker Emily’s erect nipples. Ordering his daughter to stay still, he grabs the roll of clear duck tape he had in his briefcase and tapes it over Emily’s mouth, pacifier in place. Emily’s daddy knew oh to well that he couldn’t count on Emily to stay quiet the whole time. Panicking, Emily tries to escape her father’s hold, but unfortunately gets caught in the midst of exiting her room. Instead, she is carried wearing solely her diaper, pacifier in mouth, to her father’s bedroom. Once in the master bedroom, Emily is laid on the bed, every single limb attached, giving her father easy access. “Oh, Princess”, her father sighs as he unzips his trousers. Emily abruptly turns her head sideways to avoid looking at her father’s body. Understanding her little game, Emily’s daddy locks her head in place and starts to undress in front of her, revealing his hard sex. “Do you see what you do to Daddy, baby girl?”, purrs Emily’s father as he strokes back and forth his immense erection. “I get so aroused by your innocence and your little actions of embarrassment,” continues her father. “Do you remember how this work, little girl? I’m sure you know that if you try to scream, no one will hear you, and if you try to misbehave, you will be severely punished.”, ensured her father. “Now, daddy’s going to take out your pacifier and you will suck daddy’s cock like the frozen treat you bought earlier, understood?” Emily blinked once in approval to her father’s demand, part of her knew that there was no getting out of it. So she opened her mouth wide open and she sucked her father’s member, gagging, and drooling all over her chest. Emily’s daddy wanted to keep his seed for something much better than his precious little daughter’s belly, so he continued his way down and found himself over his daughter’s soaked diaper. “Hmm, it sure is wet, Emily. Is this only pee-pee? Did someone enjoy all of this teasing, perhaps?”, enquired her father. Emily blushed and tried to squeeze her legs, but to no avail. Taking out a knife from his nightstand, Emily’s father cuts a whole in her diaper, positioned strategically, and starts to fuck her with two fingers. As he increases the tempo, Emily’s breathing accelerates and she lets out little sounds he’s never heard before come from his daughter. “Sweetie? What is it? Are you enjoying this as well? Such a good girl you are, such a good girl you are for your father. Don’t cum for daddy yet, my pet.”, warns Emily’s father. On the verge of reaching orgasm, Emily starts to beg her father to allow her to cum until he decides to stop altogether. Emily’s father grabs two hair bands and ties her hair in low pigtails. Opening the hole in his daughter’s diaper wider, he enters her with his cock, takes a hold of her pigtails and starts to rhythmically fuck her. After what seems like an eternity of holding in her orgasm, Emily bursts into tears and begs her father to allow her to cum. “Not before you tell your father who you belong to, Emily. Who’s are you, sweetie, who’s are you?”, pushed her father as he fucked her deeper and faster. “I’m daddy’s! I’m all daddy’s and daddy’s only!”, screamed Emily as she reached pure bliss.

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