A day in Emily’s life

Things had been going better for Emily. Ever since that afternoon, nothing had happened and Emily thought everything was back to normal. She was making new friends at school, she felt confident and was happier with her life. Although her father hadn’t approached her sexually, he had been buying her nice things: dresses, accessories, shoes, toys. Every time Emily thought about his “no-strings-attached-gifts”, she tried to shove the thought as deep in her mind as she could. Surely her father was only doing this because he was happy to do it and realized that she needed these things.

One Friday afternoon, after school, her father sat on a chair awaiting Emily coming home from school. Suitcases were already packed in the trunk of the SUV and Emily was curious to see as to where her father was taking them. As she entered the entrance, walked through the hallway to the kitchen, she saw her father sitting at the table, in a pair of dark jeans, wearing a white shirt and a dark pullover. “Where are we going, Daddy?”, asked Emily. Looking down at his entwined fingers sitting in his lap, smiling, Emily’s father looked up at her and answered her: “to grandma’s house, of course. She misses us, Emily, but we can’t stay there because grandma is re-doing her house.” “I rented us a hotel room a few kilometers away from her house.”, continued her father. As she turned around to get her clothes packed, her father raced to get a hold of her and explain to her how it would go: “Daddy already packed your suitcase, sweetie. We have to leave now if we want to make it in time before nightfall. But before we go, you have to come with me.” Curious and led by her father, Emily was brought into her bedroom to see that it was completely bare. It had been stripped and men were working in the room. Emily tried to argue and to ask questions to her father, but only to be ushered by him. Pulled by her Daddy, Emily found herself in his bedroom and started to get nervous. Sensing her tensing, Emily’s father quickly reassured to calm down and to relax. As he laid her on his bed, Emily’s father grabbed what seemed to be like a large bag with many pockets. It contained clean diapers, wipes, baby powder and a changing mat. Embarrassed, Emily blushed, as she was being powdered and diapered by her father. Over her diaper, her father was slipping on a pair of plastic panties to ensure no leakage happened in his new vehicle. Once in the car, Emily was secured in the front seat by her father and was ordered to drink a bottle of water every 30 minutes. Emily knew the ride to Grandma’s was over 4 hours and that equalled to 8 bottles of water. Protesting over the amount of water, Emily was worried about wetting herself and her father reminded her what her diaper was for. He also reminded her of the many diapers he had packed for their trip. On her third bottle, Emily had already wet herself twice and could feel the warmth spread over her pussy. She was careful not to alert her father of her actions, but it was too late; he had realized that she had been wetting and that her diaper was getting very wet and very bulky. Steadily, with one hand, her father started to rub Emily’s wet diapered crotch. “Spreads your legs, baby”, ordered her father. Opening her legs wider and her clitoris making direct contact with the fabric of the diaper, Emily felt vulnerable and couldn’t hide her body’s response to her father’s touch. She felt dirty for starting to have feelings for her father and the way he paid attention to her. He continued to rub and to rub, until he finally caught Emily’s sweet swollen spot. Her hand automatically reached for his and she continued to add pressure where she liked, all while moaning like the dirty whore she was. Feeling the SUV heat up rapidly and his own desire rise, Emily’s father decided to take the next exit, leading them to a rest area. Parking at the end of the lot, he unbuckles himself and turns to face his daughter. He savagely grabs a hold of her neck orders Emily to unzip his jeans. “Look at what you do to me, Emily”, says her father. Instinctively, Emily starts to stroke his cock, arousing him further. A rabid sound escapes her father’s throat and she knows she is doing a good job just by the way it has grown in her hand. Feeling the grip of his hand on her neck loosen, she lowers her eyes to look at his erection and then lowers her head to put it in her mouth. As she sucks gingerly on its throbbing head, Emily keeps stroking the base with one hand and massaging his testicles with the others. Increasing the rhythm, Emily’s father grabs her ponytail and thrust his cock faster deeper into her throat. Hearing Emily choke on his enormous member, he lets go of her head and she continues to suck until he ejaculates in her mouth. “Drink from your bottle, sweetie, drink it all, hmm”, purrs her father. Spent, her father takes a minute to recover and grabs a few wipes to clean up his dirty girl’s mouth, himself, and then her dirty diaper in front of everyone in the lot.

As they arrive to grandma’s house, Emily makes certain to adjust the skirt she is wearing, pulling it at the hem, in order to hide the puffy diaper she has to wear under. After dinner, Emily and her father make their way to their hotel room. As they check in, Emily wanders to in the lobby and sees the amenities the hotel has to offer: pool, sauna, gym, massage, and much more. After settling in their one-bed hotel room, Emily tries to avoid staying in the room with her father, dreading what might come to happen. Instead, she asks permission to go for a swim and her father watches her leave with nothing on but her trampy bikini and her white housecoat.

On her way back from the pool, pensive and still wet from the swim, Emily tries to avoid thinking about what might be waiting for her back in their room. As she opens the door, she sees on their bed a folded diaper, a bottle of baby powder and a white baby doll. Looking around the room and her father nowhere in sight, Emily hears the shower come to a stop. Instead, he comes out naked, wet, and with only a towel hanging on his hips, out of the bathroom. “Oh, princess, you’re back from your swim. Come here,” caresses her father. Slowly, her wet bathing suit is taken out of her hands and her housecoat slides off of her shoulders. At the same time, Emily sees her daddy’s towel fall off of his hips and his erection parallel to the floor. “No, daddy, please…. not tonight”, begs Emily in a whisper. In a flash, Emily finds herself pinned to the bed and her father teasing every inch of her body. Slowly, her body warms up to her daddy’s touch and responds to his advances. “Tonight, you will be riding daddy, little girl, are we clear?”, asked her father. “Y-yes, daddy”, wispered Emily. Steadily, she climbed over her father and slowly sat on his throbbing cock. In this position, Emily felt him much more; he was bigger and longer. For a little while, she sat there until her daddy grabbed a hold of her hips and guided them into a steady rhythm. Before he knew it, his little girl was increasing the pace and the intensity. He knew she was a little horny slut. His daughter was going up and down and so were her tiny tits; bouncing to the rhythm of their fucking. He knew that he was going to refer to this as their bouncy game when he would summon her later on. Emily was close to cumming, but she wasn’t allowed until she had express permission from her father, so she pinched her nipples to a bruising point until she could no longer handle it: “daddy, may I please cum?!”, begged Emily. Emily’s father flipped her entirely on her back, plopped her pacifier in her mouth and continued to fuck her until he could no longer hold his seed from pouring into Emily. “Yes, sweetheart, cum with daddy”, whispered her father in her ear.

One thought on “A day in Emily’s life

  1. Well done princess, I will give you a B- though I am torn between that and a C+
    – I supplied you with the titles are you were supposed to write around them, two of the titles I gave you where “a day in life of” and “Emily takes a trip” you seem to have gotten that confused.
    – You where late with your assignment.
    – You will find it easier to write these stories when you are being more descriptive.
    for example.. you wrote that it was a “trampy bikini” why? was it a one piece? a halter top? mat? shiny? etc…
    – you did an excellent job writing about Emily’s Father and his orgasm, but you just left a clinghanger at the end, you did not describe Emilys orgasm, what did it feel like for her? what was she thinking?


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