Emily doesn’t want to wear…

It was a regular Saturday afternoon for Emily and her father. Emily had been used to wearing diapers every day after school and during the weekends, but today, she didn’t want to have any of it. Emily wasn’t in the mood to wear her nappy and have her father change and touch her like he did. Instead, she asked her father’s permission to put on her diaper by herself and she came back downstairs wearing nothing under her skirt.

After dinner, while Emily was doing the dishes, her father accosted her and felt her thigh all the way up to the apex of legs. Surprised, he grabbed his daughter with force and held her by the throat against him with one hand while the other lifted her skirt to reveal her absent diaper. Emily knew she was in trouble for lying, but she knew she was even more in trouble for wearing absolutely nothing under her skirt. “Daddy is not impressed, Emily” acknowledged her father angrily. Still holding on to his daughter, Emily’s father let go of her neck for a brief moment to slip his hand in the close-by drawer to grab a large wooden spoon. His daughter would be severely punished for lying to him. Emily was then ordered to walk to the kitchen table where she bent forward, revealing the back of her thighs and her ass. Warming up her ass, Emily’s daddy starts to rub her ass and thighs and to progressively go from a tapping to a slapping with his hand until he swats her unexpectedly with the wooden spoon. With a yelp, Emily bumps into the table and tries to escape her punishment. Her father then tightens his grip on his daughter to keep her from moving and he continues to punish her until he leaves her to sob. “There, there, sweetheart, come sit on Daddy’s lap” gestures Emily’s father as he sits on the lazy-boy in the living room. Emily sulks her way onto her father’s lap and continues to cry until her father offers her his thumb to suck on. After a few minutes of comforting, her father adds: “you should have worn your diaper, honey. Come, daddy will put it on now.” As he leads her to her room, Emily is once again surprised by how different her room looks. Over a month ago, daddy re-modeled Emily’s room to fit both their needs, including a changing table, a large crib and a rocking chair. In her father’s office, he made sure to have installed a large playpen where Emily could spend some time when he wanted her close to him. Leading Emily to her changing table, her father grabbed her by the waist and propelled her to sit atop the table. Before she even realized it, her father had unzipped his pants and was already stroking his erection in front of his daughter. Like a good girl, she opened her legs and started to massage the sweet spot between her wet lips. Sucking on the pacifier newly inserted in her mouth by her father, Emily closed her eyes and threw her head back in pleasure. Her father kept teasing her with his hard cock, never fully entering her. Unable to bear it any longer, Emily’s pacifier fell out of her mouth to let a moan escape her lips: “Daddy!” Smiling, Emily’s father entered her with full force and he held onto her hips while he fucked her senseless over and over again. Feeling the diaper under her ass as she moved with her daddy, Emily got even more aroused and she knew the material would catch the moisture escaping her body. Feeling the tension inside his daughter, tightening around his own cock, he knew Emily was close to orgasm and so he pushed her to the edge and flicked both of her tiny nipples. Instantly, Emily exploded and tightened her muscles further around her father’s erection. Emily’s daddy knew that he would cum soon after, inside his daughter, and that he would close up her diaper, leaving his seed inside his precious little princess.

5 thoughts on “Emily doesn’t want to wear…

  1. “Daddy re-modeled Emily’s room to fit both their needs”

    I would like to hear more about how things were re-modeled to fit Daddy’s needs? spanking bench? st. Andrews cross? stirrups on the change table 😉


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