Emily and Daddy go on romantic trip

It was thanksgiving weekend for Emily and her father. Her father had been pretty busy the last few weeks and Emily kept herself busy with schoolwork and babysitting jobs for their neighbour’s daughter, Grace. One morning, instead of being woken up by her usual alarm, it was the warm fall sun coming in her bedroom that woke her up. Suddenly, Emily looks at her clock and sits up in her crib to realize that she has overslept. Amused and sitting quietly in the rocking chair, Emily’s father speaks up to reassure his daughter that everything is all right. Emily isn’t going to school today. Instead, they are both going on a getaway that only her father knows the details about. Intrigued, Emily slumps back in bed and her father approaches the bed to lower the rail so he can comfortably sit on the side of his daughter’s crib. Sneaking a hand under her blankets, he searches his daughter’s body and finds her diaper and confirms that it has been used last night. Emily has been using her diapers regularly and just the thought manages to arouse her father. Taking his role seriously, her father grabs her and carries her to her changing tables and gets his daughter all cleaned up for their trip. Slipping a warm dress on his daughter and tights over her diapered bottom, Emily was still a little drowsy and so her father caught her with one arm around the waist and with another under her bottom. Carrying her to the car, he sat her down in the passenger seat with her knapsack, closed the door and walk around the car to sit in his own seat. Roaring the engine to life, he pulls out of the driveway with his driveway and their adventure begins.

After a few stops including leg stretches, diaper changes and meals, Emily and her father arrive at their destination. Driving up to their resort, everywhere she looks Emily can read in big letters “Niagara Falls”. Excited, Emily knows where they are and is even more thrilled to finally be able to see the falls her father has been talking about for many years. As they pull in to the hotel, Emily takes grabs knapsack and bolts out of the car to hug her father. Happy, Emily’s father holds and hugs his daughter until her appreciation turns once again back to excitement and runs to the lobby to see the inside of their hotel. After checking-in and getting their luggage up to their suite, Emily is ordered to put on a dress packed by her father. As Emily changes into this new dress, Emily takes a long look at herself in the mirror; the dress is a bright shiny red, exposing her shoulders and with long sleeves.The gown  has a small asymmetric cut-out at the front, right above her chest, and falls down to the grown. Emily has tied her long blond hair in a French twist and wears a matching set of diamond pendants and necklace. Coming out of the bathroom, Emily’s father is startled by the way his daughter looks. Smiling, he finally manages to say: “Oh Princess, you look all grown up. I hope you’ll let daddy help you out of this dress later on tonight.”

As they both make their way to the dining room, Emily’s father grabs his daughter’s hand and kisses it ever so gently. Before entering the room, he then whispers to he ear: “My beautiful princess, I’m having you for dessert this evening.” Blushing crimson red, Emily finally understands the kind of evening she is about to have. Before entering the room, the doorman provides each of them a masquerade mask. With their masks on, the doors finally open and a world of dancing, fire playing, impact playing, eating, and much more is laid before them.

Feeling the tension of his daughter through her hand, he pulls his daughter to the buffet and allows her to calm down by eating a bite and drinking a bit of water. Emily’s father has a few things in mind for tonight and does not want his daughter to lose consciousness on him. After Emily’s settled down, he brings her to meet a few of his friends, obviously omitting their blood ties to each other, and then he decides on an activity Emily would like. Even though it has been a while since Emily has been used in that form of service, her father knew that she loved to be flogged, paddled and especially caned. The release it brought her was enough to quiet her mind, so he pulled his naked daughter to the nearest cross and shackled her limbs in order to keep her from moving. Massaging her ass, her thighs, her back and her shoulders, Emily’s father pressed himself on his daughter and warmed her frigid little body up so she could be more receptive to the play. Finishing massaging her ass, Emily’s father starts to tap it until it becomes slap that resonates into the whole room. As she feels the first smack, she yelps out and tightens her grip on the cross’ higher extremities. Now splotched red, Emily’s ass is warm enough to be hit with a cherry-colored paddle, thick enough in the centre to hit hard, but thin enough on the edges to sting and to create a matching color on the skin. After a few rounds of spanking and paddling, a guttural sound starts to escape Emily’s mouth and attracts a few people that take a seat behind them to enjoy the show. Switching over from the paddle to the flogger, Emily completely lets go at this moment. The floggers dance over Emily’s aroused skin and she is mesmerised by the whole affair. After what seems to be like an eternity, Emily’s daddy switch over to using the cane, but makes sure to warm up his daughter to the stinging pain that their favorite tool has to offer. Instantly, Emily starts to count in her head the strikes up until she can no longer bare the pain, at that point, Emily blurts out the number and tears start to roll down her cheeks. As her father continues with each strike, toning down the strength with which he hits, Emily has abandoned her body and has found her paradise. In this moment, the environment around them no longer exists for Emily and she is in her happy place until her father releases her from her shackles and carries her to a nearby canopy. Emily is covered by some warm blankets and is comforted by her father until she comes back to cold, hard reality. After a couple more hours of socializing, Emily and her father head back to their suite to spend the rest of their night.

Later that night, Emily and her father look out their balcony at the falls. Emily’s father reaches for his daughter’s waist and pulls her towards him and kisses her languorously. Feeling the passion between them flare up, Emily’s father grabs her and carries her to their bed where they continue to kiss. Slowly undressing his daughter, Emily’s father savors his daughter’s body inch by inch with his eyes and then with his lips. Leaving a trail of kisses from her neck all the way to her hip, Emily’s father starts to tease his daughter’s sex with his thumb, gently rubbing in circle her engorged clitoris. Becoming more and more aroused by her father’s touch, moans escape Emily’s mouth. Emily’s father starts to fuck his daughter with one finger, then two, all while licking and sucking the sweet spot at the top the apex of her sex. Emily’s breathing quickening and her hips moving up and down to meet her father’s mouth, her father knows he better stop before she climaxes and undresses himself to allow himself some pleasure as well. Looking at his aroused teenage daughter, Emily’s father starts to stroke himself, making his erection bigger and harder. In a single push, he enters his daughter and Emily gasps at the feeling of fullness she is experiencing. Cupping his daughter’s hand with one hand and holding the base of her nape with the other, Emily and her father exchange looks of pure bliss. Smiling, Emily asks her father: “May I cum, daddy?” Acquiescing to his daughter’s request, he hugs her even tighter and in a matter of no time they both climax together. Still intertwined together, they lose themselves to deep heavy sleep…

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