Emily and her father become monogamous

One afternoon, after school, Emily was walking home from school and as she turned up her lane, she saw this mysterious car parked in driveway alongside her father’s car. As she walked in her home, Emily shouted: “Daddy, I’m home!” All she could hear was laughter coming from the kitchen. In fact, it was her father and another woman conversing and laughing. Approaching the scene, Emily could see that the other woman was rather close to her father and had a hand on his thigh. Blushing and feeling her chest tightening, Emily quickly passed them and ran to her room to lock herself in. She was angry with her father for not making her the sole center of his attention. An hour later, Emily’s father knocks on his daughter’s bedroom and enters momentarily. Emily is sitting on her windowsill, sulking and pouting. Sitting by his daughter’s side, Emily’s father grabs his daughter and sits her on his lab, rocking her gently. After a few moments, he asks his daughter what is the matter and Emily admits that she thinks she might have been jealous of the other woman. Smirking, Emily’s father flips his daughter over his shoulder and transports her all the way to his bedroom all while she is kicking and screaming. Sitting his daughter on his bed, he restrains her wrists and ankles so she cannot move. Emily instantly regrets admitting her feelings of jealousy. Suddenly, everything goes dark; Emily’s father blindfolds her and she knows the pain she is about to receive will be even greater. A few minutes for by and the clothes she is wearing are being torn off by hand and she hears the sizzling of the candle as her father pours the burning wax over the naked body. In a yelp, Emily tries to move, but to no avail. “So princess is jealous, huh?” chuckles her father has he continues to trace designs on her sign with the hot wax. “You have no reasons to be jealous, Emily. I was actually telling my friend I was in a committed, monogamous relationship and that I wasn’t about to change it,” continues Emily’s father. After a short break of wax, her father resumes his game with another of his favorite tools: the poison kit remover. Smiling, Emily’s father licks the ends of each cone and squeezes them to create suction over Emily’s erect nipples. Still tormenting his daughter, he presses the tip of a black permanent marker on Emily’s lower belly: “Daddy’s personal fucktoy.” Emily’s body being completely decorated and marked by her father, he then walks towards his desk to find the collar he has been saving for a while. Walking back towards the bed and standing at its end, he adds: “Emily, sweetie, I think it’s time that I make you mine. We have turned your bedroom into a nursery, we have attended a play party where you have been beaten in a public setting and done extremely well, and most of all I want to keep you as mine forever. As you know, marriage is not permitted between parent and child, so I think — I believe a collar will be our own symbol of eternity and union.” As he lifts his daughter’s blindfold to look into her eyes, he sees tears filling up in them. Untying his daughter, they both sit together on the bed and in their silence; Emily’s father sees her acceptance to his collaring proposal. As he ties the collar securely around her throat, he kisses his daughter languorously and pins her down to his bed. In a flash, he undresses and readies himself for his daughter. All this teasing has left him wanting his daughter badly and he lowers his hand to see if his daughter is ready for him as well. In a single push, he enters Emily and they become one until they reach together pure bliss.

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