First Date

Last night I had my first date with this man and after my terrible breakup. It was a breath of fresh air. I try not to compare to much, but when I do, I am pleasantly surprised.

I got to put on this new kind of diaper, DryComfort 24/7. Originally, he was supposed to but them on me, but I was chickened out. I was really shy and I didn’t think that would happen this time around. If I learned anything this past year is to own my confidence. I am a plus-size girl, but I do believe that I am physically and facially attractive to right person. I just had to remind myself of that when I couldn’t bring myself to look into his eyes.

Aside from that, we fooled around a little, but I did not succumb to my temptations of actually having sex on the first date. I tried on a cozy straightjacket and absolutely loved the sensation. Some of you might think of me as crazy, including myself, but trust me, it was very much worth it. The strap between my legs, riding into my diapered crotch was pure bliss.

Yours truly,

The Kneeling Daughter

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