I somehow took a leave of absence from blogging and basic social interactions. I’m slowly getting back to going out and meeting some friends, but it’s been a difficult process.

I’ve been receiving messages from lovely (or not) strangers on the wonderful Fetlife website trying to get me to be theirs. I realized that a lot of them are close-minded and don’t understand that I have vanilla interests (Really?!) I really don’t want to make this post a rant, but hasn’t anyone heard of a balanced relationship? I advertise myself as being a little, an AB, but I sincerely hope that they know it’s not a 24/7 thing. Oh, she’s always in the back of mind subconsciously, but I enjoy outdoor activities, travelling, intellectual conversations. To reduce me to my fetishes is simply appalling to me.

Aside from that, I got a lovely weekend to myself a few weeks ago and got to enjoy myself very much in a diaper! It’s not the fancy stuff, but it’s better than nothing for me!


The Kneeling Daughter

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  1. hisleakydiaperslut

    I was only on fetlife very briefly… like a week if that. I left for exactly that reason – it seemed like no one there was more than their fetish. They all wanted to live this crazy, alternative, loud “lifestyle” always. Everything revolved around being kinky and different. It is just another annoying version of the super special snowflake syndrome… Like they were all so worried about making sure they didn’t live a “normal” life that they couldn’t bare to think about something that wasn’t sexual and alternative for one second. It was exhausting and boring, honestly.

    Personally, that’s why I only ever looked for/ dated using OkCupid. Sex and kinks are important because without compatibility there the relationship won’t be fulfilling or passionate. But there is soooooo much more to finding someone. Everything else will be the majority of your relationship – the regular conversations about work and hobbies, visits with family and friends, shared interests, cooking together, cleaning together, going out and having fun in the world… All of those things take up vastly more time than the sexual things no matter how kinky you are.

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    1. It’s funny you’d mention that because I was writing a post this morning. On FL, it’s all about the spotlight and the most likes. There is no sense of community for me. I did find someone, a month ago that answered all of my essential vanilla needs plus my ABDL side.


      1. hisleakydiaperslut

        That’s really critical. Of course finding the right sexual match is important, but building a life with someone is about so much more.


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