Hello again, it’s been a while.

I’ve been navigating various relationships and dipping my toes in the polyamorous world. It’s still not something that I see doing the rest of my life, but it’s good for now. It enables me to still find some time to take care of me without having to answer to someone else.

I’m a very nervous, stressed person. It has manifested itself through my body in various form: IBS, panic attacks, weight gain, scalp problems, and now through peptic ulcers. My ulcer finally broke through the last layer and hit directly the blood vessels, resulting in bloody vomit. My family members has enough and in the end I was finally put on sick leave by my GP. Like many out there, I love to work and to delve myself in my various tasks. What I don’t like are the unimaginable expectations that I have to meet on daily basis.

Aside from that, I applied for a Master’s degree and was rejected immediately after. “Humpff, OK”, I told myself. If that’s not the next step in my life, what is? I finally had a break a in my job search and was given a chance by someone. This is the first interview in a year in all 75-85 job applications that I’ve done.

For a while, I did not want to talk to anyone nor revisit my little side. I’ve started playing again with some Daddies and some have made me feel great physically. One in particular has been a breeze of fresh air in terms of his personality and aspirations. I’d like to say that we get along really well and that there is quite a bit of chemistry. With this person, I can be myself and my well-being always comes first to him. It’s not that it wasn’t the case with others, but they couldn’t see the big picture.

Anyway, that’s it for now folks. Hopefully I won’t wait as long as I have in the past to write up another post.

Yours truly,

The Kneeling Daughter.

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